Apps that work for sport fans

The sporting industry continues to improve its capabilities of using different applications to keep their consumers engaged. Apps are used to provide injury report updates, give statistics on upcoming games, stream games live and also pick players for a fantasy league.

It not uncommon for sporting fans to follow their favorite teams’ official Twitter or Instagram account to stay updated throughout the year and feel like a member of the team. According to Laura Depta , “one of the best things about the ever-increasing popularity of social media in sports is the actual team involvement. Running an official team Twitter account would certainly involve walking a fine line, as a lot of sports teams are amping up their online game.”

“One mark of a great sports Twitter account is the ability to handle trolls. The Columbus Blue Jackets displayed that ability brilliantly in June when a fan had the audacity to insult the team. They also joined in on a delightful interaction between the Toronto Maple Leafs and another troll, forging a beautiful social media friendship. And even though 2015 is in the spotlight here, it would be wrong not to mention what was perhaps the most epic response to a sports tweet in history (Depta, 2015)”

Zach Muraca @ZachMuraca28

@BlueJacketsNHL ok thanks, didn’t think you guys could put 3 W’s together



.@ZachMuraca28 we interrupt your troll attempt to bring you #facts

11:09 AM – 3 Jun 2015

Arguably, the most popular sports app is one that is not specific for one individual team but instead is the headquarters to gather information for all teams. This app is used to bring service for anyone and everyone interested in the sporting industry from information on a local team, to scores and updates from games being played outside the United States. One unique feature is after the app is downloaded to a smart phone or tablet; the way one sports fan views the app may be totally different than someone else views it- as it is totally customizable. Another big feature that helps fans stay engaged is the ability to stream the games and never miss a play as you can watch the games on the go.

“The app is divided into three main sections: Scores, a customizable feed that displays your favorite teams and the scores of games in progress; News, which shows you the day’s breaking news and development; and now, a blog-style feed that features viral content and commentaries (Tweedie, 2015).” ESPN On-Air also has its own dedicated icon in the bottom toolbar, which lets you stream audio while continuing to browse the app or even if you lock your phone or hop over to Facebook.

Of course, I cannot end this blog on the topic of the sporting industry and social media apps without discussing the quick rise of fantasy sports apps like DraftKings and Fanduel. Over the past couple of years you could not watch Sport center and other sporting shows without a commercial popping up about how to quickly win money every weekend by “drafting” your favorite players through the weekly fantasy apps.

Sports apps like Fanduel and ESPN are just a few of the ways that the sporting industry has done a great job of keeping consumers engaged in every aspect of the sporting industry. With new apps developing every sporting season you have to wonder what will be the next phenomenal. In the meantime, we can depend on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to provide all the updates we need.

Do you think sports teams should respond to mean tweets? Or do you think it just begins a slippery slope…?

For more examples of apps that are great for sports fans:Sports Apps



Depta, Laura. 2015. 10 Best Sports Teams on Social Media in 2015. Bleacher report.

Tweedie, Steven. 2015. ESPN launches a sleek new universal app to replace the aging Sports center app.Business Insider.


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